Cloud Sourcing NFV VoIP and IMS

Cloud Sourcing NFV VoIP White Paper

Voice Networks Need to Change

Today’s voice networks need to change to better align with today’s market realities. While web-scale and virtualized software will be at the heart of new voice networks, how should service provide embrace cloud technologies and migrate to a next-generation virtualized software solution?

Virtualization Road Maps

Service providers have two options for taking advantage of network virtualization technology: build an NFV network or leverage a hosted virtualized VoIP software platform. Building NFV presents a number of challenges relative to agility, operational complexity and total cost of ownership. A hosted approach to NFV VoIP is emerging as an alternative and, for many providers, is the best path forward to realizing the goals of NFV transformation.

This white paper explores:

  • Coping with the commoditization of voice
  • Challenges in building and operating an NFV voice network
  • Benefits of cloud sourcing next-generation VoIP/IMS platforms